Pivot Home Connect

It is our goal that though you and your family may have chosen to participate in our e-learning option, that your student will still feel apart of our community.  It's our endeavor to make sure that you and them are CONNECTED.  Please take a few moments to review the information below and if there are any questions please contact our administration

E-Learning Tips for Success

  • Create an effective learning environment

  • Stay Organized

  • Make sure your child is prepared

  • Communicate with teachers

  • Encourage your child to be accountable

  • Update your contact information if it changes

  • Understand that issues will arise but will be addressed as soon as possible

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Pivot Home Connect Expectations

Parents/Guardian please read the Pivot Home Connect Expectations with your student.  This will ensure the success of our Zoom Classes and E-Learning experience.  If there are any questions or concerns please contact the administration.



Google Classroom Help

Google Student Log in/Emails

Your student has been issued a personal email account that will give them access to Google Classroom and other select Google apps.  The videos above give you an idea of how your child will sign on an join their Google Classroom.

Their email address is their first initial and last name@pivotcharterschool.com.  Their password will be their first and last initial, and student number.

e.g.  Student Name: Jane Doe

         jdoe@pivotcharterschool.com  password:jd1234567

        Student Name: Franklin Lincoln

        flincoln@pivotcharterschool.com password:fl7654321

* If assistance is needed please call the school 813-626-6724